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Hammock Etiquette - Situation Number 2: Joining the solo hammocker

So its a beautiful day out and your strolling through a park. You come upon someone in their hammock. They’ve got the best spot you can imagine, a little shade, a little sun and just enough sag to look extremely comfy. So you think to yourself, “man, I bet that person would love some company in their hammock!” 

Now hold on just a gosh darn minute! Consider hammock etiquette before approaching. 

First, Evaluate how much you would be disturbing this person, on a scale of 1 being they are stoked to talk to you and 10 being this person wishes you did not exist… ever. 

Is the person just relaxing? reading? sleeping? if they’re just relaxing you may be able to approach for a closer inspection of the situation. If they’re reading you could wander into their immediate area and maybe strike up a conversation. And well if they’re sleeping… there’s a saying; “Let sleeping hammockers lie” in the last situation do just that, let it go and leave them, cause once you wake up a sleeping hammocker the chances of you now joining them in said hammock are next to zero.

So if you’ve looked and it is one of the situations in which you feel it is okay to approach the next thing you want to evaluate is what size hammock they are using, if its a single hammock, your probably not getting in that hammock unless you think that the person in the hammock wants to get cuddly with you (note: chances are they don’t). If its a double hammock you’ve got a chance, a double hammock is just big enough that you can have 2 people in it in a close but non-cuddly fashion. 

So lets just say you’ve come across a best case scenario, this person is relaxing and you can see it’s a double hammock with suspension ropes (capable of holding 2 people). Okay so you approach a little closer and the hammocker notices you. He/she greets you as any friendly hammocker would and you feel welcome. Hold on! Don’t just go jumping in with this unsuspecting hammocker! You’ve now been welcomed into their space and imagine your sitting in a stranger’s living room, your welcome now, but at any time they could ask you to leave. 

Now’s the time to make some conversation, lighten the mood. Say hi, introduce yourself, make conversation and eventually compliment them on their hammock. Now to be truly polite in this situation one never asks if they can get in someone’s hammock. Instead they would have to be invited (kind of like a vampire but different) so you may want to sit down and just talk, comment on how comfortable their hammock looks you know a little hint there a little hint here. Play it like this and you might just get invited to share in the comfort of your new hammock-friend’s hammock. 

That’s all for this episode of hammock etiquette

stay tuned for next time 

Hammock Etiquette - Situation Number 1: An Empty Hammock

So here’s the situation: You’ve been walking all day your feet are sore, your back aches. You could really use a quick rest, and low and behold you come upon a hammock. Left completely unattended, hmmm, you look around, scour the landscape for the hammock’s owner, yet noone can be seen. hmmm you think can I steal a nap in this person’s empty hammock?

The answer is… YES, you can use this hammock

If you find an abandoned hammock and cannot spot the owner of the hammock you are welcome to a nap of at least 20 minutes! 

for 20 minutes you have the right to lay down before even the owner could respectfully ask you to exit the hammock.

If you are the owner of the hammock you cannot simply kick this hammockupent out of your hammock, you must respect their hammock experience and ensure they are not disturbed. If this is inconvenient for you maybe you should have thought of that before just leaving your hammock set up… I mean really, a proper hammocker should be able to take down a hammock in around 1 minute. So if you don’t have the time, don’t leave it up! 

That’s all for this episode of hammock etiquette

stay tuned for next time when we talk about when you can join someone in their hammock!

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